Do you have a graduate at home who’s left wondering how to celebrate amid a pandemic? After years of hard work, the finish line is in sight, and the time to celebrate their accomplishments is here! (Congratulations, grads!) As schools cancel graduations and celebrations, this year’s students are left wondering how they will mark this milestone occasion.

As a parent, it is so incredibly challenging to see our children hurt or upset. They have waited so long for this and deserve their special moment. So what can you do to hel

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Here are 7 ways to create a special, socially distanced celebration at home for your graduate.

  • Organize a Zoom meeting with friends and family, creating a party package to send to each participant, so it still feels like a personalized event. You could include:

      • Balloons in the school colours
      • A quiz or bingo game you have designed about your grad
      • Recipes for a mocktail and your grads favourite snack
      • A questionnaire for guests to share their favourite memory
  • Create a photo book or video montage highlighting the best moments of their time at school. Bonus points if you can get loved ones to send you video clips.
  • Organize a drive-by parade. Ask friends and family to drop by for a socially distanced celebration. Have your grad stand out front and have a few minutes with each loved one. Stagger the times, so you don’t end up with too many people in your driveway.

  • Decorate your lawn! Mardi Gras Photo Booth will create a custom-design lawn signs,a balloon-agram and you can add streamers in the school colours. Encourage passers-by to honk for the graduating class of 2020!
  • Transform a room at your home into a prom – choose a theme and go all in. We can help with props or suggest a party store.

  • Stage an at-home photo shoot. Is there a prom dress or suit hanging in the closet with nowhere to go? Grab some props, set up a backdrop and have some fun! Bonus: contact friends and see if they would like to do the same thing. Start a hashtag on Instagram that everyone can use so that they can see each other. We can rent lighting and a backdrop if necessary. #grad2020 #classof2020

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