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Our Booths will accommodate events of all sizes and themes.

We offer a NEW Inflatable Booth, a 5ft x 5ft Tent Booth, a Traditional Curtain-Enclosed Booth and an Open-Air Booth to best suit the number of people photographed at one time, while allowing customization with your event theme or corporate brand.
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Our Booths come in Four varieties:

  1. The NEW Inflatable Booth AKA “The IGLOO” is an awesome choice for any event. It’s a great booth inside and outside. It takes less than five minutes to blow up. This booth is 8″ x 8″ in circumference, however the size inside is 5″ x 5″. We provide extra seating if you want to take a photo with 6 or more.
  2. The classic traditional curtain-enclosed booth is perfect for up to 6 people in the shot. Have your picture taken with your spouse, best friend, or even your golf foursome. This set up is ideal for more intimate groups and a great guest or client keepsake.
  3. The Tent booth is designed for small and large groups. It can be used inside and outside. Choose from a variety of backdrops. The set-up is quick, the size is 5′ x 5′ which should be able to fit anywhere.
  4. The open-air style booth is designed for groups up to 15 and, like the arcade style booth, it comes with a variety of backdrop options. This set up will fit the whole family or sports team in the photo and make a wonderful group memento.

Our booths are extremely portable and fit every space whether it be inside or out (weather permitting). You can select the booth set up that will work the best with your event and size of group. Either way, you can be assured that both designs will meet your high expectations.


The backdrop may be customized to display any logos, names, brands, or sponsors. We offer a variety of backdrops, including Step and Repeat Banners*, you will feel like a celebrity walkin’ on the red carpet. We can even create a backdrop you dream up, just let our professional graphic designer know exactly what you are looking for. Make sure you order any customizations 30 days in advance.



We fit our booth with the latest high-resolution camera’s, professional Canon digital and Nikon digital SLR camera’s delivering beautiful photos and video with high accuracy and speed.

  • Highest quality photos
  • No red-eye
  • Great framing
  • Clear and focused
  • Perfect lighting
  • Flattering portrait-like photos


Hiti Printer

We use a professional dye-sublimation printer (not cheap inkjet printers) to ensure the customer is provided lab-quality prints.

  • Vivid, accurate colour prints
  • Unlimited pre-cut 4×6 single or 2×6 duplicate photo strips
  • Super-fast output speed in as little as 12 seconds (remember the Polaroids of the 1970’s, a thumbs-up for great photos in less than 10 minutes)
  • High print capacity (no down-time changing ink cartridges)
  • Water-resistent prints
  • Prints are dry and ready to handle immediately

Hardware/ Software


Our Booth is loaded with the best software, two large touch-screen monitors and a Windows Operating System.

  • 19 to 22 inch touch screen interface
  • Easy to use interface (3,2,1…)
  • Live viewing (allows guests to see themselves on screen in real time, makes for better photos)
  • Latest software and operating system
  • An additional Monitor* outside the photo booth area.
  • Green Screen option* Close your eyes. Now, imagine where you’d rather be at this exact moment. Hawaii, The Great Wall, Eiffel Tower, Opera House. We could arrange this just for you.

Social Media

Social Media IPhone

Social media has become one of the most popular ways for individuals to interact with one another today. LIKE, TAG, and SHARE! Words to live by. Our booth rentals feature uploads to:

  • Email
  • Facebook (Email)
  • Twitter

Unlike before when you had to wait for weeks to see any prints, then only share them with a select few. With Mardi Gras Photo Booth, you can share the magic when it happens (if you like). You never know, the photos or videos could go viral before you get home.