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Chloe Love

A message from Heather Lowson, owner of Mardi Gras Photo Booth

As the owner of Mardi Gras Photo Booth, I would like to reach out to you as we begin Stage 3 of openings. Opening for business with important changes that will ultimately reduce the risk of infection to our team, clients and their guests. Focusing on a contact-less user experience, while preserving the health, safety, and well-being with everyone we come in contact with.

Keep in mind that COVID-19 is most commonly spread from an infected person through respiratory droplets generated by coughing, sneezing, laughing, singing, and talking. It spreads more easily when contact is close (within 2 metres) and prolonged (more than 15 minutes). Organizers and planners must assess the risks associated with their event and determine if they are able to implement the public health measures contained in the Health Protection Order.

We value our customers and appreciate hearing how we can improve and better support you in the months and year ahead.. Let us know If you have any questions or would like to book an event, please email

1. Masks: In addition to our professional attire, the staff will be required to wear masks throughout the event.
2. No-touch Photo Booth and iPad Roaming Booth: Our booth attendants will be the only ones allowed to touch the photo booth screen. Guests will be required to maintain physical distance from the photo booth and attendant for the duration of the rental period.
3. Sanitizer: Our staff will have sanitizer available at the booth and sanitize everything before the event begins and at the end of the rental.
4. Arrows and Distant Markers: Maintaining a distance is important, so in an effort to protect our team, clients and their guests, we will set up markers at each event to maintain crowd control
5. Props: We will provide sanitized signs props. We suggest you ask guests to BYOP (Bring your own props) in the invitation for fun photos.
6. Photo Guest Books: We will continue to provide the best guest book ever. The guests will choose a clean sanitized pen, then place in “used” container. Our Team will clean pens after each use.
7. Photos: We will continue to take high quality photos that provide unforgettable moments and irreplaceable memories. For our clients who have chosen prints as part of their package, we are able to provide prints at the end of the evening* or the following day delivered to you. We suggest you send the prints in a Thank You Card. One print per couple/person still applies.
8. Sharing Photos: Instead of texting and emailing right from the booths, a link and QR code will be displayed near the booth to access photos after the event. Provided there is adequate internet service available, photos will sync to the folder automatically as they are taken. This eliminates the need to touch any surface, and still allows guests to get digital copies of their photos.
9. Sanitizing all equipment before and after events: All our equipment will be sanitized before and after events, and all our boxes and equipment will be sanitized inside our storage facility as well.
10. Attendant Tips: All of our team members providing services at events will ensure your guests have a great time and stay safe. If you feel like tipping the booth attendant, they would be greatly appreciate it.

What we would suggest our clients do:
1. Masks: Please encourage your guests to wear masks before and after photo sessions.
2. Photo Booth Location: If it is possible to have the booth set up away from areas with heavy foot traffic.
3. Following the Ontario Governments Stage 3 Guidelines: Please encourage your guests, planner, vendors and venue to follow the Stage 3 Guidelines:

Thank you for your support. Be Happy. Be Blessed. Be Safe.

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